Borders separate. Nature unites!

Borders separate. Nature unites!

30 Years of Networking for Nature: The European Green Belt.

Monday, September 9th, 2019

9:00 - 15:00, Grad Castle, Goričko Nature Park

Introductory greetings

- Goričko Nature park director, Nemzeti Őrségi park Director, President of Slovenian Nature Parks Asossiation
- Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning R Slovenia
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs R Slovenia

Uwe Riecken, BfN, Germany: Special case Green Belt Germany - political, practical and legal development.

  • Introduction: Special case of the inner-German Iron Curtain
  • How it all began: from the Death Zone to life line: the Green Belt
  • Projects and cooperation
  • Concrete projects (nature conservation and regional development)
  • The Green Belt Germany becomes a national natural monument in Germany
  • The Green Belt as a model for the DMZ in Korea

Alois Lang, National Park Neusiedler See-Seewinkel, Austria: Opportunities for networking for nature and regional development in the future. 

  • Communicating nature conservation issues based on Europe’s history
  • Reaching more target groups and multipliers
  • The challenge of the “invisibility” of the Green Belt
  • How to achieve progress for economic development in (former) border areas


Gregor Domanjko, Istvan Szentirmai, SI-HU: Goričko Nature Park/ NP Őrség: Dare to connect, Danube region program.

  • Should we connect habitats cross border for endangered species?
  • Conclusion and outlook.





Grad na Goričkem 12. 10., 10.00-16.00